All About Grind Wear USA

Grind Wear USA is a seasoned apparel and retail company that brings fashion to the forefront, by offering eccentric, yet practical clothing and customization services. Our company’s apparel introduces a glamorous array of fashion for both men and women.

If you’re looking for blinged-out designs, look no further, as we offer rhinestone designs with compelling graphics. Grind Wear USA offers our customers quality craftsmanship that will capture the attention of those around you utilizing Direct to Garment (DTG), Rhinestone transfer, and Heat Press Vinyl.

Grind Wear USA is a fashion-forward company. We offer customers new and refreshing designs--in representation of today’s fashion trends and the desire for individuality. Grind Wear USA strives to provide limitless creativity, suavity, and excellence-- our company is built to last. 

"Always on the Grind"

Direct To Garment Printing (DTG)

This new technology where the design is directly printed onto the garment with a specially-made printer. This allows for the image to be embedded into the fabric giving a softer feel to the image than other printing methods. Our DTG printer allows for unlimited color prints with image sizes up to 11 x 15 inches. We print on both white and black apparel with vibrant colors. On black items, a thorough white ink layer is printed prior to the second color layer giving our prints a great definition in color! Our white inks are as vibrant as classic screen-printed items, but without the rough and tough feel. On white items, only color is printed (no white ink), giving it an amazingly soft feel. Grind Wear USA DTG printer works best on only 100% cotton fabrics, but also can be used on cotton/polyester blends.

Best for: 100% cotton apparel (t-shirts, long sleeves, sweaters, etc.)
Print sizes up to: 11x15 inches

Heat Transfer vinyl

A tried and true method to provide a clean and simple look to a number of products. This process utilizes a heat press using high temperatures and heavy pressure for a certain amount of time, permanently embedding the vinyl into the apparel. We offer many color options that can be added to a wide selection of products. This method is truly only best for 1 color prints or simplistic designs with up to 2-3 colors. We can apply our heat transfer vinyl to any location of the item such as sleeves, hoodies, pockets, etc. these locations tend to be more difficult with other printing methods, but can be used in coordination with our other techniques to accommodate specific areas of the item.

Best for: Simple designs on hard-to-print locations of apparel (sleeves, hoods, pockets, etc.), cotton or polyester apparel.